Carilion Clinic NAP Patient Show Helps Transform People and Places

Coordinator Katie Biddle currently executes not one but two annual National Arts Program Exhibits at Carilion Clinic in Roanoke, Virginia. This year was their third annual Patient Showcase at Carilion Clinic and Katie said they “received countless positive comments about the quality of work from their panel of judges as well as many visitors, patients, and employees who passed through the lobby atrium of Roanoke Memorial Hospital. She personally observed people as they entered the lobby, often in a hurry, and saw how encountering the art shifted their experience. They frequently paused to take in the artwork, turned to someone they were with, and began talking about a specific piece or pieces. The exhibit really has transformed our hospital lobby into a space designed for connection and meaning.”

They did encounter some fresh obstacles this year, including finding a good way to advertise this opportunity to a broad base of patients. Katie worked through the issues and was able to produce a wonderful exhibit that was enjoyed by all. Many of the patient artists even shared stories of how they’ve used the arts to reflect on and express their experiences through a healing journey. There are so many ways that showcasing the arts can positively affect those that experience it and at Carilion they are obviously dedicated to reaching as many people as possible. We applaud Katie and everyone at Carilion for another great year of displaying patient art!