Carilion Clinic Hosts First NAP Patient Exhibition

Coordinator Marie Webb reached out to the NAP staff earlier this year for guidance with regards to an idea she had to host Carilion Clinic’s first ever exhibition of patient artwork.  Marie, who has successfully run the NAP program at Carilion Clinic for the last three years, wanted to showcase the other side of the healing equation by demonstrating that like employees, the patients are more than just patients, they are people too.  With Marie’s passion for the arts and their place in the healing environment and her success running the program, the NAP decided to provide her with the opportunity to be the pilot program for our first ever patient show.  

The show, on display in-between the annual employee exhibit, featured artwork from anyone who had been a patient treated by a Carilion provider in either 2015 or 2016.  Patients like Midora Firebaugh, a teen artist, who entered her piece entitled “Why Can’t I Have That?” in the show.  When asked to describe her work, she said, “I was diagnosed with thyroid issues along with several food sensitivities in 2014. In addition to medication, I was prescribed a very strict diet excluding gluten and dairy. This watercolor represents how I felt about my new diet.”  Midora’s piece was awarded First Place in the teen category by the judges and received the “People’s Choice” Award based on the votes of those viewing the exhibit.  Along with these accolades, her work was purchased by the physician who treats her as he plans to hang it in his office as an example for patients facing similar struggles with necessary dietary changes.

Being able to display these pieces in the hospital setting for all to see, provided a glimpse into the personal lives of the patients at Carilion, allowing those treating them as well as visitors to see them as more than just patients.  Marie stated, “I can’t express in words how much this art exhibit meant to our patients, providers, and many from the community who visited the hospital to see it.”  The NAP was pleased to provide support / funding for this trial program and would like to thank Marie for her vision and hard work making it a reality!

Midora posing with her award winning artwork which was purchased by her physician to be displayed in his office as a sign of inspiration for other patients.