Avera McKennan Announces Art Show Award Recipients

The Avera McKennan staff art exhibit is now on display at the Prairie Center and showcases the talent of Avera staff and their families. As part of the National Arts Program – the Avera McKennan art exhibit received over 200 entries, from over 40 different departments in over 45 different towns/cities.
The entries were categorized into five divisions: Adult Professional, Adult Intermediate, Adult Amateur, Teen 13-18 yrs, and Youth 12-under. First, second, and third place award recipients along with two honorable mentions were named in each category. These awards, as well as a best of show and several scholarships, were presented during a reception on Monday, July 23rd. The following is a complete list of award recipients:
Best of Show: Barbara Sparks for “Antigua Classic Yacht Race” $300.00
Adult Professional Division
1st Place: Jay Bachmayer for “Elysium” $300.00
2nd Place: Sarah Odens for “We Danced and Laughed and Sang Until Midnight” $200.00
3rd Place: Myla Vander Aarde for “Gold Rush” $100.00
Honorable Mention: Dan Sehr for “Small Head Display”
Honorable Mention: Dana Slunecka for “Cosmic Dreamer”
Adult Intermediate Division
1st Place: Narciza Schwans for “Untitled #2” $300.00
2nd Place: Mary Nelson for “Sweet Dreams” $200.00
3rd Place: Deb Eisenhaur for “Summer Afternoon” $100.00
Honorable Mention: Vi Wray for “African Bean Gatherer”
Honorable Mention: Amy Pederson Thompson for “Motherhood”
Adult Amateur Division
1st Place: Deb Maschino for “Afternoon Special” $300.00
2nd Place: Wayne Pearson for “Atuminal Ancestry” $200.00
3rd Place: Teri McLaughlin for “Blowing in the Wind” $100.00
Honorable Mention: Aaron Culey for “Burlap Army”
Honorable Mention: DANtastic Aesoph for “What Are You Looking At?”
Teen 13-18yrs Division
1st Place: Molly Dziedzic for “Everlasting Love” $75.00
2nd Place: Dan Chell for “Looking Forward” $50.00
3rd Place: Kyle Marks for “E=mc2” $25.00
Honorable Mention: Joslynne Sigler for “Hershey’s Chocolate”
Honorable Mention: Maren Bloomberg for “Imprinted”
Youth 12-under Division
1st Place: Alicia Ruud for “The Great Outdoors” $75.00
2nd Place: Troian Rae Loken for “Troian’s Toucan” $50.00
3rd Place: Parker Fitzgerald for “Monkey” $25.00
Honorable Mention: Tyler Hauck for “Spring Birds”
Honorable Mention: Benjamin Potter for “Robot Expression”
Scholarship Recipients: Alicia Ruud, Molly Dziedzic, Dan Chelle, Jeff Ballard
Each artist receives $250.00 reimbursement for art classes or workshops.
The entire exhibit is free and open to the public, Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. through August 24. Come vote for your favorite – People’s Choice will be awarded at the close of the exhibit.
The recipients of Best of Show, People’s Choice and all first place recipients will be displayed on the Prairie Center’s Digital Gallery in September-October.
Featured in the Sioux Falls Business Magazine 2012