2010 National Arts Program® Award Winners for Aurora, CO

The City of Aurora is proud to announce the winners of their 5th Annual National Arts Program® Exhibition. 
This year, Coordinator Deana Miller added an additional awards category entitled "Reused/Recycled" sponsored by COA Planning & Development Services and Metech, Inc.  The NAP would like to congratulate all the participants of the 2010 show!
To see pictures from this years exhibition, please check out Aurora's venue page of our website.  
Adult Amateur
First Place – John Braketa for “Where am I?”
Second Place – Eugene Meyer for “Rivka Rockefeller”
Third Place – Cheryl Hibbs for “Water Lily”
Honorable Mention – Coni Ellis for “Fat Cat”
Adult Intermediate
First Place – Jeff Turner for “Jambalaya”
Second Place – Christy Porter for “Contact Point”
Third Place – Sharlyn Hurst for “Greater Yellow Legs”
Honorable Mention – Bobbi Larmer for “King Kong Lady”
Adult Professional
First Place – Peder Hermanson for “Babs”
Second Place – Sandra Chamnes for “Jennifer’s Flowers”
Third Place – Alice Gemmell for “Little Foxes”
Youth 12 & Under
First Place – Emma Lovato for “Chrissa”
Second Place – Ella Fyles for “Lion, Lion, Lion, ROAR”
Third Place – Jared LeCuyer for “Untitled”
Honorable Mention – Anusha Vajrala for “Peruvian Elephant Whistling Vessel”
Teen 13-18
First Place – Jordan Ennis for “Shadows of a Friendship Goal”
Second Place – Sarah Hays for “A Fish Tale”
Third Place – Ariel Elliott for “Portrait of Katy Perry”
Continuing Arts Education Scholarship(s) – Lauren Edwards for “Entomophobia” and Nathan Everitt for “The Two Become One”
Reuse/Recycle Category - Adult
First Place – Vanessa Benson for “Moon Dance”
Second Place - Ivy Peterson for “Eat Walk Read”
Third Place – Sarah Collins for “Transition to Brilliance”
Honorable Mention – John Braketa for “Where am I”
Resuse/Recycle Category - Youth/Teen
First Place – Jared LeCuyer for “Untitled”
Second Place – Orlando Bevivino for “Untitled”
Third Place – Cavan Geyer for “Revenge”
Honorable Mention – Morgan Smythe for “Butterfly Kisses”