Stacy Contreras De La Pena

Artist- Santa Maria
In continued support of our mission, the National Arts Program® always likes to select a piece of artwork from one of our participants to be featured on our annual holiday card.  This year, Stacy Contreras De La Pena’s photograph entitled “Merry Christmas” (featured below) was chosen by our staff.  The image was inspired by “spark” created by the love shared by her brother and his fiancé.
As a teen artist, it was the encouragement of one of her teachers that first encouraged Stacy to enter her artwork in the NAP exhibit in Santa Maria, CA.  In addition to being an award recipient, Stacy decided to take the sharing of her artwork one step further by creating an online gallery and uploading her images to the NAP website.  While browsing the website, the staff took notice of her “Merry Christmas” photograph and thought it would be perfect for our 2013 holiday card.
Stacy commented that it not only feels unbelievable to have been chosen, but that the honor has inspired her to continue to share her artwork.   The NAP is excited to featured Stacy’s photograph as well as offer another opportunity to inspire our artists.
To learn more about Stacy or to see more of her photographs, click here to visit her website.