Noreen Gomez

NAP Coordinator- Rutgers University
“I discovered that in the medical field there are a lot of artists – anyone who has to pay attention to keen details, like medical practitioners, is inherently an artist,” states Noreen Gomez, who is the Facilities Program Specialist at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. So when Noreen was presented with the opportunity to bring the National Arts Program® to the employees of the Rutgers Health Sciences Campus at Newark, it was an easy decision.
The ability to share artwork made by employees and their family members is one that Noreen believes benefits the entire Rutgers community, commenting that, “it’s insightful to learn about coworkers’ talents and leisure activities, as opposed to knowing them solely on a professional level.”   The exhibition offers a reminder to everyone during their hectic day that there is more to life than work.
In addition to the annual NAP exhibition, Noreen also coordinates two other art exhibits, each of which is on display for four months.  This yearlong series known as the New Jersey Medical School Arts, has been nurtured by Noreen for the past decade and has recently received a lot of recognition, being called one of “Newark’s most thriving art initiatives.”
However, Noreen’s involvement with the arts is not something that happened overnight.  It has been an ongoing affair since she was a child.  Her parents, one of which has taken painting up in their retirement, would take Noreen and her six siblings to museums all the time.  Even though she claims to have no artistic talent herself, Noreen is ecstatic that she can still fill the space around her with art and that it can have an impact on people’s daily lives.