The National Arts Program Must Persist in this Time of COVID-19

Now more than ever both essential staff and their family members need support and forms of respite during this difficult time. The National Arts Program has always been a way for employees and their family members to express themselves and share another facet of their personalities in the workplace.

Seeing the creative talents of coworkers and family members displayed at their place of work can uplift employees and take their minds off their work if only for a short time. Creating art has numerous benefits including; helping us reflect and open our hearts, lowering our stress, helping us to process difficult things and reminding us to find beauty in life. It is important to incorporate creative outlets into the workplace setting as it can help to relieve stress from a job which can be both physically and emotionally taxing.

The National Arts Program is now working closely with our coordinators to be supportive and flexible in executing an employee and family art exhibit that uplifts and honors their creative visual art talents! Art departments that have access to their facilities at this time can find ways to collect and hang the physical artwork and create virtual awards ceremonies to offer respite and a creative diversion for their employees. Alternately, we are creating new ways to execute virtual employee art exhibits, which will encourage and share the creativity of staff and continue to be an outlet for them and their families who are all affected by this pandemic.