Michelle A. LeBoeuf

NAP Online Artist

Michelle LeBoeuf is our NAP Spotlight for the month of January. Primarily a watercolor artist, Michelle discovered her artistic passion and talent during her college years. Never having had any training or experience during her earlier years, Michelle was drawn to Interior Design and through her studies was required to become proficient in illustration and watercolor for her design renderings. This was the start of something wonderful.

Originally from Massachusetts, Michelle graduated in 1982 with a degree in Interior Design from Northern Arizona University and landed in Northern Vermont where she began practicing Commercial Interior Designer and continues to design today. In recent years Michelle has begun working in watercolor again and her love of color and light has guided her use of both watercolor and pastels as her preferred mediums.

Michelle has recently become much more involved in the artist community as well. She is featured on many art websites and takes workshops when she is able throughout the year to help hone her skills. She is an active member of the Vermont Watercolor Society, Vermont Pastel Society, Burlington City Arts and has shown her work at several local galleries and commercial establishments.

We applaud Michelle for continuing to follow her artistic passion and for sharing her talents with the National Arts Program’s® growing community. Take a moment to visit her artist page in the NAP online Artist Gallery and perhaps you will get inspired to find your hidden talents too!

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