Get Connected!

Get Connected!

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are three of the most popular social media sites in existence today. All three work towards connecting people and promoting new ideas and movements, and whether it’s a picture or a post, these sites have revolutionized the world socially. It is important for programs like ours to take advantage and get our audience connected in order to proliferate our purpose and share our mission. The National Arts Program® has taken the first step by creating Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, but it is up to YOU (our community) to follow us, post, repost, like, share, and generally spread the word of what the program does and has done since 1982. Today, our world is connected in ways that were unimaginable merely a decade ago. Advanced technology and social media have brought people together from thousands of miles away, and businesses and corporations have used these tools to project their mission to all kinds of communities. 

The National Arts Program® seeks to promote individuals’ artistic abilities and share their talents with the public. Exhibits all over the country have provided extraordinary visual artworks and showcased the talents of thousands of artists for over thirty years. With social media, the works of these individuals can be seen on a global scale. 

Weekly, these accounts share pictures and information about exhibits being held locally and nationally. They give people the opportunity to see the kinds of artwork that the National Arts Program® showcases and a better understanding of all the amazing things the program does to support amateur and professional artists. 

Get connected! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and better involve yourself in the National Arts Program® and its community. 

- Kylie Johnson, Class of 2015