Cheryl Jacocks-Terrell

Artist- VCU Health
Most people are familiar with crochet in its traditional form from scarves and hats to afghans and granny squares.  However, few people have seen it quite like Cheryl Jacocks-Terrell does it.  Cheryl creates delightfully delicious looking sweets including frosted doughnuts with sprinkles, Italian cannoli’s, fruit pies complete with whip cream topping and a wide variety of cookies from yarn using crochet patterns.  When we asked Cheryl what inspired her to choose sweets as her subject matter, she stated that, “I’m a Lifetime Weight Watchers member. To help me control a ferocious sweet tooth, I crochet pastries. They’re fat free!”
While Cheryl works as an Administrative and Office Specialist to the Director at the Massey Cancer Center Bone Marrow Transplant Program at VCU by day, she comes from a family rich in both the visual and performing arts.  One of the many talents her mother possessed was the ability to crochet.  Cheryl not only remembers her mother making scarves, hats and gloves for her and her siblings growing up, but she also remembers her making a crocheted dress with a matching purse and gloves as well.  So it was only a matter of time before Cheryl asked her mother to teach her.  She in turn used this artistic skill to not only create her unique sweets, but scarves, hats and vests for both her children and grandchildren. 
However, even with her years of experience and the encouragement of her coworkers, Cheryl still felt that her crochet skills were not worthy of being displayed.  It was only after she was approached again by her coworkers who encouraged her to enter the 8th Annual NAP Show at VCU that she decided to submit her piece entitled “Sweet Side of Crochet”.  Even though this was the first time Cheryl displayed her crocheted sweets publicly, it was obvious they were an instant hit with visitors when she was voted the ‘People’s Choice’, the only award chosen by attendees to the exhibit.  This recognition along with the overwhelmingly positive response to her sweets was a true honor and has inspired Cheryl to join the ranks of other crocheters who are entrepreneurs.
Cheryl set out to create something that people had never seen before and she truly succeeded with her crocheted sweets! We applaud her for having the courage to put her artwork on display in the NAP exhibit for everyone to see!
Cheryl Jacocks-Terrell, "Sweet Side of Crochet"
Cheryl Jacocks-Terrell, "Sweet Side of Crochet"
Cheryl Jacocks-Terrell, "Sweet Side of Crochet"  Cheryl Jacocks-Terrell, "Sweet Side of Crochet"