Best of the Best for 2017 Winners

Best of the Best for 2017 Winners

The NAP was excited to host our Fourth Annual “Best of the Best” art exhibit and online contest on Facebook again this year. The exhibit featured forty-one unique pieces of artwork which had all been awarded ‘Best of Show’ at their respective participating venue in 2017.  

Voting opened to the public on February 1st and ran through April 2nd, with a total of 2,518 ‘likes’ cast during the two month period. This year, it was a very close race between the top two pieces with each displaying a major push in votes right before the deadline.  In the end, the winner of this year’s “Best of the Best” received a total of 702 votes. And the winner is ...

"District Donuts" by Yonatan Kaplan, Intermediate from Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

First Runner-Up: "Last Ride" by Adrian Rugas, Intermediate from University of Maryland Medical Center

Second Runner-Up: "Explorer" by Marisa Tolomeo, Intermediate from AMITA Health

Thanks to everyone who voted!

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