Jackie's Renderings

Dear friends,
We truly believe that the National Arts Program offers a unique artistic experience, not only to the participants, but to the organizations and communities in which our shows are exhibited. During interactions with you and our NAP audiences over the last few years, we felt like our mission was not reflected in our current marketing materials. Along with a dynamic web experience for our artists, we really wanted our printed materials to have the same impact.
Since 1985 we have followed the vision started by our Founder Leonard E.B. Andrews. We have also used the same materials (yikes!). We are excited to roll out a new logo, brochure and tagline. You will see this reflected in all materials you receive from us in the upcoming months. Our goal is to make our artists, coordinators, and all stake holders take notice and provide them a clear understanding of what the National Arts Program really stands for.  
The National Arts Program is committed to ‘Showcasing the artist within’ and we look forward to continuing to celebrate the artistic talents found within your communities across the country!