Jackie J. Szafara

Executive Director

I have been working directly for the foundation since 2001 and was named the Executive Director in 2009. I bring twenty years of outside experience in the marketing and advertising industry to the NAP.  My responsibilities include overseeing all venues across the country, finding new venues, speaking on behalf of the NAP and website development and implementation and am always actively involved in seeking potential new venues to add to the program.

We now have exhibits in many hospitals and airports in addition to the many cities across the country. With the evolution of social media, there has never been a more exciting time for artists across the country. Particularly for the amateur artist, of which 65% of our participants are, it is so easy to share your talent with others. We have seen a dramatic increase in artists sharing their Instagram photos with us, liking our content on Facebook, and we now have thousands of artists who have uploaded their profile and portfolios to our website gallery section (for free!). It is an exciting time for us here and for the encouragement of artistic talent. 

I reside in Villanova, PA with my husband and youngest daughter. I'm a very active individual so you'll find me outside playing paddle, tennis or golf when I'm not in the office.

Jackie's Pick

Ria Redifer

I chose this piece for a number of reasons. The first being that I am a big watercolor fan and always have been. The artist, Ria Redifer, painted images to capture those moments that can never be defined, rather can only be hinted at. It is the reason why this painting is one of my favorite. The red coat of the rower stands out among the greenery in the background. The rower could be in a large boat, or it could be smaller, the shape is implied. The paddle is gliding through the water and just about to be lifted or is it being used to turn the boat, not really sure. When I look at this painting, which is only about 9" high and about 30" wide, it also reflects the river, long and narrow and that the rower has just appeared in the painting. It is a peaceful painting and I always make sure it hangs where I can see it in my home.

Artwork for me is what I like not what is expensive or the current trend. I have always picked up pieces here and there. My mother stopped giving us Christmas presents every year in my 30's and decided to give me and my siblings a piece of art, a sculpture, or a painting instead. Some are simple and some more complicated, but many are by the same artist, so my sisters and I share very similar pieces of artwork in our homes. My children share my love of artwork and I think it's easy to instill in children a love of art if they are exposed to it.