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September 2017

Kids create instagram contest 
Mikayla Martin poses with her work “Rainy Day” which won both the Youth/Teen People’s Choice Award and the Art Education Award.

Westminster Employees Embrace NAP Exhibit

On May 30th, the very first NAP Exhibit in Westminster, Colorado entitled ‘Art in the Family’ opened and included 165 artworks from the cities employees and their family members. We are thankful for Rich Newman, Marketing Supervisor for Parks, Recreation and Libraries, whose appreciation of the arts follows him wherever he goes. Rich made it his mission to introduce the NAP Exhibit to Westminster after having experienced the benefits of the program first hand.

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Lauren Boisvert (Amateur) proudly displaying her Best of Show ribbon under her award winning piece entitled “Caged Jenny Saville”.

Participants in Manchester are Encouraged to Pursue their Artistic Talents

Even after twelve years with the National Arts Program®, the show still continues to stun visitors with the exceptional artistic talents on display. Even city officials like Mayor Ted Gatsas, who annually attends the awards reception to personally congratulate the winners, commented that, “It is exciting to know that the City of Manchester has so many talented artists within its community.” So many in fact that the walls of City Hall were filled with more than 150 pieces of artwork created by various city departments employees, volunteers, retirees and their family members.

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A view of the beautiful DepARTures Gallery showcasing just a portion of their 9th Annual National Arts Program® Exhibit.

Artistic Talent Abounds at Reno-Tahoe International Airport

A beautiful display of 135 artworks hung in the DepARTures Gallery within Reno-Tahoe International Airport this year for their NAP exhibit, which is in its ninth year. As always the program was coordinated by the amazing Kim Matthews. Kim commented that, “the event continues to grow and we couldn’t be more pleased that so many of the departments and tenants were represented”. The art in the show is created by employees of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority, tenant employees of the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, recent retirees, and their immediate family members.

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San Francisco's 'Treasure Island' a Blank Canvas for Artists' Imaginations

Art without borders: 'French Banksy' produces touching portrait over US-Mexico border

A Glimpse Inside Claude Monet’s Private Art World

Putting Art on Wheels and Taking It Back to the Streets

Sue Kett
Susan Kett, Amita Health

Susan (Sue) Kett had always been a dedicated supporter of her local hospital, but it wasn’t until she started researching opportunities to help her close friend / art teacher exhibit her work that she became more aware of how hospitals utilize art programs to enhance their healing environment.

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Amita Health

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Amita Health