May 2017

May 2017


 Participants and visitors alike see the art of their fellow community members in a new light at the beautiful Art Collinswood Gallery.

NAP Exhibit Continues to Bring Community Together in Cleveland

Now in their eighteenth year with the National Arts Program®, Coordinator Rosa Casino and the Cudell Fine Arts Staff still prove that this annual exhibition helps to bring community residents together by providing a professional art experience for everyone. With the exhibition once again being displayed at the Arts Collinswood Gallery, which is located right in Cleveland’s Historic Waterloo Arts District, participants and visitors alike are able to see the art of their fellow community members in a new light thanks in part to the expert job Rosa and her staff do of installing the work.

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A panel of NAP artworks beautifully displayed in the Skywalk at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center.

Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center Celebrates Employee Talents Once Again

It has been years since the last National Arts Program® Exhibit occurred at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center but their return to the program has been a resounding success. The 2nd Annual exhibit took place back in 2012 with 79 artists submitting 134 pieces of art. This year for their 3rd NAP exhibit they opened on March 9th and showcased 150 pieces of art from 90 participants, proving there is great demand amongst employees for an opportunity such as this.

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“Wisdom and Roots”; Jessica Jacobsen; Professional, Best of Show; Works on Paper; Resident

Strong Showing of Returning Artists in Santa Rosa

Coordinator Jessica Rasmussen stated that the annual NAP show has become recognized as a central part of the City of Santa Rosa’s Art Program.  It’s no wonder that this year’s exhibition had even more returning artists than last year. She estimated that forty-five of the 204 participants had previously taken part in show.  

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Danee McGee

Danee McGee took over as Venue Coordinator for the Charlotte/Mecklenburg, North Carolina National Arts Program® Exhibition in 2012 and has been running this successful show annually since then. Danee is an engineer who works as a Project Manager for the City of Charlotte Storm Water Services. She has always been interested in the arts and had participated in the NAP show for years prior to becoming the coordinator.

Artist: Danee McGee

"Girl of the West"