August 2016

August 2016

Two nurses take time out of their hectic schedule to stop and enjoy all the artwork made by fellow employees and their family members

A Successful Decade of Art at Atlantic Health

In December of 2006 Maria Lupo discovered our program through a Society for Arts in Healthcare newsletter and being the true advocate for the arts that she is, she made it her mission to bring this opportunity to the Atlantic Health System community. Maria saw the benefits of our program and has run a wonderful, successful show for these past ten years. 

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"Reflection in Yellow"; Arion Grzeuk; Professional; Painting; Employee; Fire Bureau

Pittsburgh Celebrates their Rich History with NAP Exhibit

Pittsburgh celebrates the 200th anniversary of its incorporation as a city this year. The Bicentennial is a time to acknowledge Pittsburgh’s great triumphs, from innovations that created mighty industries to world class medical and educational facilities. They have also overcome severe economic challenges. The City of Pittsburgh has a unique convergence of three rivers, and a rich culture that is reflected in every corner. Mayor Peduto asked that everyone in the city celebrate this historic occasion, and invited community organizations to get involved too. So, this year for their 17th Annual National Arts Program® “ARTWorks” Exhibit the Parks and Recreation Department encouraged participants to explore the rich history of the city in their works and to reflect back their experiences living in the Steel City. This theme resonates throughout the exhibit which includes 154 pieces of art prominently displayed in the majestic City County Building’s main hall.  

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Are Replicas Changing the Way We Experience Art?

In Berlin, innovative art, museums confront tragic past

Cleveland Gets an Art Triennial

How to Teach Your Children to Care about Art

These Four Technologies May Finally Put an End to Art Forgery

Leonard E. B. Andrews and Andrew Wyeth

A Story from The National Arts Program’s® History: Founder Leonard E. B. Andrews and the purchase that changed the art world forever

One cannot begin to tell the story of Leonard E. B. Andrews, American entrepreneur and publisher, without also speaking of the Helga collection that gained him notoriety as an art collector; nor can one study Andrew Wyeth, one of the most famous American artists of the 20th century, without also acknowledging the friend to whom Wyeth chose to finally reveal and sell his paintings.  The two men’s legacies are inextricably linked, though many of the details surrounding their relationship remain unclear.  What is apparent to all, however, is that Leonard’s immediate recognition of the Helga collection as a “national treasure” and his decision to purchase the paintings mark him as one of the shrewdest and most enlightened art lovers of his time.

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